Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Question Mark

Yo what's up
Is this how it Is to be
Are we really cutting off links
I thought we were till infinity
Yeah I lost my bracelet and you gave yours away
But I thought the symbol it represent meant to hold on no matter the challenges and the differences.
Is this the line?
The borderline extent of our infinity?

Maybe I believed too deeply and hoped for too much.
People don't like messy, but I hoped that wasn't us.
To give up your culture, I would never asked for such.
But to give up who we are wouldn't that be a great loss

Maybe we were holding too strong
Maybe this was the last straw.
I figured if I told the truth I'd see freedom
But maybe really knowing, really, really knowing the truth can unload demons

So today I prepared no arguments, I have no defence.
I stand in your court room with you as the jury and could sense
That my verdict is guilty, already,  and to plead otherwise would be dense.

This case is not new nor unfamiliar
Court sat, case called, defendant guilty.
And held at an even higher court
Court sat, case called, defendant guilty.
To a court of peers and a jury selected voir dire
Court sat, case called, defendant guilty.
In every sitting and even behind bars
Court sat, case called, defendant guilty.

The verdict never changed because the defendant always pleaded guilty
When indeed the true crime was a guilt of shame.
All investigations and evidence were immaterial from the jump.

The outcome remains the same,
The verdict as well,
Although the judge changes
Which would leave the hopeful a possibility
But does that hope belong to the sinner
And is that possibility available from the saint the give

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