Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Desperate For Despair

I'm injuried,it hurts, destruct in and out
There's only so much I can take
The deed is done many again and my hands are filthy.
You know I smile like it's funny because I want you to believe I'm in control
My brain malfunctions.

Dearest Poison
  My eyes move slowly and vaguely but my pain has an active mind with it's own interpretation of my indiscretions.The body of operations in my body are agitated and are in riot due to the voluntary desolation of all it's neighboring components . There's a spy in my bones, an insider in the dark, an annonymous assassin desperately hungry for my extinction.
  Poison I have tried to ignore this spy but it took control.To recover possession of my soul I have to first befriend this spy and learn it's tactics.So I thought, Well that didnt work so well.Sadly, I who have befriended the enemy for this purpose now wake up every morning not knowing what is real from what isn't.No doubt I'm confused.One moment I'm master of this ship and the next I'm on the sidelines taking orders from the ever present Wind.
finally Poison, it's been a while since I've played with you.Mommy always warned me about you. she's afraid of you..But I'm not.. I'm afraid of my invincible venomous friend..He confuses not just me but all the Chief members of my body who takes instructions from him because they think we're true friends. I'm drowning now.. It's killing me,I would have been better off if I swallowed you poison but I would be a murderer who never gave a thought to your existence.
  This is my final remark before the stranger friend takes over. I know that you can't help me..who would listen to you? nobody likes you! I can't deliver this letter to you also so I'm letting the whole world read it except you.Maybe somewhere somehow someone will know that something who betrays my identity is a tormentor and hand me a lifeline.

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