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The Big Tree

There’s a tree, a big tree behind my father’s house. A big bird cage my father built which is taller than the fence is just before it. It obstructs the full view of the big tree. However when we come out to play, the adults lie under the tree and say the things we are not suppose to hear, the whispers and laughs and their words evaporates. The tree hears.
When the sun comes up, the birds make a home on the big tree's leaves and chip away all day words only the tree could understand. When the sun is at it’s peak the elders would take shade under the big tree and gossip about one another, that was the human way, by the time the sun fades away, the big tree would yield a premium beauty. It’s beauty was touched by the wind and makes for a pleasant refreshing evening. It leaves falls so elegantly, departing it’s branches in a different color swaying carelessly till it hits the ground. In unpleasant evenings when it rains it loses it’s branches but not it’s dream and drive to grow taller and be a bigger tree,
The tree holds many secrets, it is very silent but loud in presence. It held a mystery of not being noticed until it wanted its seer to see it. And every seer who appreciates it’s beauty is comforted with the safety of their secrets.
One day , 3 wicked men looked up at the tree and they decided to bring it down.
The first man who was a builder said;
“This tree must come down for me to build a house, I will cut off it’s wood and make me the best roof ”
The second man who was a baker said;
“This tree must come down for me to make good firewood to bake the finest of bread ever made”
The third man who was an artist said.
“This tree must come down for me to make carve the best wooden sculptures and become a famous artist”
And so the 3 wicked men decided to fall the helpless tree.
They each got their desire, the builder built himself a fine house made from the tree's wood from and made very strong roofs as well. The baker had enough firewood in his store from the tree that lasted him years, while the artist had become very famous for his famous beautiful wooden art works.
In the builder’s house the house keepers shared many secrets about the builder through doors, while seating on wooden chairs and across tables.
In the baker’s bakery, the bakers shared secret recipes by the fire place as the wood burnt.
In the artist studio, the artist would speak to each sculpture about his sorrows and worries as he was a very lonely man.
On day, the tree’s wood got very overwhelmed by all the many secrets and became weary, when it got very dark, the darkest of nights, where the owls sings under the full florescent moon. The tree’s wood on the builder’s house collapsed on the builder and he died. The tree’s firewood heat the flames so hot, it burnt down the bakery with the baker inside. The tree’s carved artworks formed into one big knife and pierced the artist in the heart as he slept.
Little by little, piece by piece from all 3 men it assembled all its pieces and put itself back together as the one big tree it was in the exact spot where it once grew and was cut off.
The next morning when the neighbors woke up, they found the 3 wicked men dead and the fallen big tree standing erect again. The big tree never heard another secret again…………….until 3 wicked little boys came along.

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