Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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A week is only 5days away

How do I hide these unmanly feelings pent up inside
Driven by your scent and drunk on your smile
Bidding you adieu leaves me missing you dangerously I'd
refrain from such utterance as I may not survive the consequence.

I would at a later date compliment your body, do forgive me now howbeit I cannot recall what it looked like.
Your eyes are the light of the earth, enormous brightness dwelling in my heart.
You keep me guessing and what more than pennies I would give for your thoughts.
I want to rush knowing you so we can really be one.

A week is 5days away and if Tuesday must be Thursday and Saturday comes on Sunday.
The week must then misbehave for our long awaited meeting to arrive sooner.
I want to hold you tight in our tiny little space and cuddle you fuck crazy as Mount everest watched just marvelling at the peak of our estacy
We would fly and float around each other.
Without garments nor garlons
Children nor chiefs.
Living as thieves constantly stealing ourselves.

My mind slowly slips from reality.
I have become a clown in the darkness, 
alone and laughing at your jokes, because you are habitually in my head
A careless move of my excited lips could lead to my execution
The risk of rejection will do that.

I will die slowly and sourly everyday in my warm body as my heart decays
I will flourish no longer and my purpose will cease to have meaning
I will burn out like a weak flame perished by a carefree breeze.
I would vanish from myself like a deadbeat dad abandoning his lot.
I will meet the dying end of this pain and would wish to start it all over again.

A week is 5days away and the clock chips away softly counting my desperate breaths and noticing my restless pupils.
A seemingly unending countdown would be medicinal to my impatience ...
When that day comes, and I shed a sweet tears for your arrival...
I shall greet you with a jealous kiss and a selfish hug.
For long before you were mine, I am yours
As a body is complete with a soul
Life shall now exit hibernation

Although in my troubling query I ask myself,
Alas will that day ever come when I am less mad for my unmanly feelings.
And my devotion hold solid water.
When mutuality can become proper cause for the madness
And I am blessed with a Yes and peace
I hope that day is not too far from a week,
Which is 5days away.

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