Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Sucide Note

I am going to die inevitably
I am going to die soon
I am no longer a victim
I am the prepretrator
Some are blessed with a curse that keeps them hidden
Others are given temperament issues
Others get a widow or widower,
Orphan or childlessness,
Betrayal or reality denial,
Attitude raptures,
The Serpent's desires,
Lewd instincts,
Oppression and lie,
Cheat and vain nature,
Stealing and gossip,
I got the most vile and vicious punishment,
To be tormented and tortured everyday by the devil
To master the craft of evil and digest it in my most creative method

Curiosity was the key
Curiosity was the key to the door where the bats where trapped with the vicious monster
I used this key gifted to all man
To open the sacred door of Doom where the bats fled
It's called me in and I walked it,Sat down and listened.
Yes I listened, and obeyed and received every instruction.
I remember every single touch,
I remember every single lesson
every enlightenment distroyed my being,my dreams and everything I had hoped to be.
However,it planted a seed in my heart to grow into a monster.

Today I am a proud teacher of moral indiscretions and sexual sensation.
A beast that calculates by day and unleashes by night
the weak surviving part of me is still kicking and screaming as I'm let down into the well, deeper and deeper by my actions into the darkest place where my screams are only heard by me
And blasts from the eternal echoes mourn
never prompting the water to grow.
A place so weary and lonely no one knows about my plight.

Maybe if I scream loud enough my mouth will whisper
Maybe if I cry hard enough my eyes would blink.
Maybe If I jumped in sorrow I would attract a passerby who could see the trapped soul and rescue this lost weakening with an SOS sign in his eyes
Maybe if the monster wasn't so charming someone would look past his smile.
If only I could cry tears so full overflowing from this well.
I would be gone in an instant.
Sadly, It locked up my tears in the chamber of my Mercy while manipulating my conscience.
So, no no,I wouldn't drown in it because it needs me to live..
My status has changed
I am the heir of this monster
I who was once infitrated is now the invader.
I am going to die soon
I will die inevitably.

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