Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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If a fish was born on land wouldn't it learn to crawl on it's belly like a reptile?
And if a goat was born by the sea wouldn't it learn to swim?

High school , third term ,green shorts, big shoes
How do you hide your spark when everything new sparkles
Gold has little friends but many suitors
Big boys, mean girls,bullies, seniors

Goliath the giant is intimidated
So David is punished spitefully
For his sparkles and glitters
That is his sin

Fetch a bucket full with a single spoon
Lie like you're dead under my bed
Tease him for his looks but need him for his books
Kneel for hours burn under the sun

The sad realization on graduation day thus,
Bullies don't stop at high school
They graduate too
Graduate into the army, police, politicians
Striving forward to only attain misery for the defenceless

One Prey and One Predators
One school uniform one Police uniform
One Ego One Violence
A single insecurity , A single Abuse
One belt mark , One Bullet
One Past No future
One Nation One Doom

We only let time pass
Doing nothing different
Yet seeking pitiful relevance
Meanwhile we only...... Exist then Exit

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