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People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Body Weighs Zero Fucks

I've lost quite a lot of things in life but not a lot of weight. Fat Bobo was the idea of a tease others used chubby kid to be polite .
So like every other child I tried covering my flaws under the blankets but then my esteem went with it. So God gave me the gift of Song. And it exposed me. #Fashionandcurve# gave me the creativity to wear my turtle neck differently "proud of my body"..which of course some people interpreted as crop top.. (Lmao I don die) Okay now.

Maybe somewhere ,sometime when it becomes a priority, I'll hit the gym for ME,💪
And take model shots with 6packs like some of my able brothers.
But right now, I'm not sorry for letting my belly hang!☺
I'm not sorry the only diet I'm on is the balance one!(carbohydrates, protein and whatever the fuck I feel like eating)🤓
I'm not sorry I'm growing every minute into the person, God has described.
I'm don't apologize for my surplus flesh. 😂
Go get a burger 🍔
I can't die.

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