Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Struggling Connections

When you look at me you look a little longer.. it makes me want to linger
When you shake my hand you hold on a little longer.. like you're memorising my fingers
When you talk to me you do so detailedly and every words has an appearance

A picture
a painting
an emphatic craft

What is this painting? A painting of me and you living and loving?
A desire that is beyond the borders of your trifling commitment?

You know I am a believer.
I believe that we want the same Drug
but like double magnets we repel
In spite of that I still believe in us
In the sincerity of my feelings.
I believe in you.
I believe you need me as I need you....

I pray you look at me wanting a little longer... I want to linger
I wish you'd have the will to hold me and hold me a little longer... please know my fingers
Talk to me displaying your emotions and coherce mine
Let our minds romance together in a forbidden caress

And if there's a world where all I have believed, prayed and wished is a lie and my words are illusion then terminate me..or salvage my remainants.. because I'm in too deep

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