Ose Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Love's Quandary

11:14 pm I sat down under the deem light to write this tragic idyll

My speech halts in love matters
It's foreign nature may be the cause
Love grasp drove me to shatters
Getting intimate I felt it's claws
Heartlessly cold with no guilt or laws

My paths crossed love and it's faux
Times a few in my journey of life
Be it masked or true to know
Chapters of two, I strifled in strife
Torment so cruel I reached for my knife

A town of Love I once toured
Beauteous was she as her woo to dine
Cozy blest my heart allured
Shortly,my stay became in decline
Rejected and banished to recline

Drove of late to Love's country
Blinded was I by his mountain fog
Feelings of glee yet trust did flee
Eyelessly firece in the fog I slogged
Vaguely uncovering you firebug
you bright beautiful and relentless bug

Yeah dawn came and revealed Love
I fell in love with his masterpiece
Fear faded and death absolved
Yes death
Anti-death did I miss
My greed for more was beyond above
Obvious warnings I dismissed
And I craved for such shivering bliss

I asked civilly and nicely he declined, I suffer
Apparently I demanded for more than love could offer.

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