Jude Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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Our nation at 58

Labels imbibing
Witches conniving
And a blind applaud furnished
One Nation

A Thousand tribe
A Penny's bribe
And a Dearly held culture
One Nation

Differences alike
Peddling a baned bike
But striving for a better life
One Nation

Bitter Jealousy that lies
Deep IN the Man of lies
With a cold served nice to meet you
One Nation

Some blessed and some cursed
Some true and some versed
As a Man of rectitude doesn't reach far down my pocket
One Nation

Excluding and including
crème de la crème colluding
With the gate of opulence opened for a few
One Nation

Astute masterminds
Washing up our minds
From five decades in autarchy
One Nation

A touching promise sent
Dogs lured with chicken scent
Achingly,the scent and scent alone
One Nation

Had again hook line and sinker
Sinking by the sinker
We beckon on one Trust
One Hope
One Love
One Nation

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