Jude Casely
My work is simply my Identity.Its exposes who I am.How I perceive things, like how I decided to change the word from "think" to "perceive things".And how I like to express myself to the satisfaction of my audience like how I had to further explained. I am priceless..Gravely invaluable. Very Narcissistic by the way, very pretencious, very whole yet very broken, very understanding yet confused, very selfish yet needy, very true yet a liar..get to know me.who I am is what you read....Or is it?
Apr 9
Illusions Uncovered

The sun is blue the moon is red
My eyes reveals the new aged lies
Where the tress are alive and the creatures dead.

The night is warm and the day is dark
Because my heart longs a little
For it's good old spark

The sea is bare and the ground is deep
Who ever dares to try wonder
Would wish to work while weep

Now all in the past is the future
Nothing really changes
Right or wrong ,it's all a bigger picture

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