Jude Casely
People Change, They Grow!! I'm the same only evolved
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So I jumped on him and licked him on the neck, he got aroused forgetting his confidence as my father watched.Carressing him to detained tension, as his feeble moaning betrayed him,he was surely turned on as my mother cried and my siblings trembled in bounds. Somehow, I was glad he picked me....... first.He wanted me.My body could satisfy him that night.He was not just into guys he spotted me.He was the Perfect pycho that matched my vernal madness.
As I pushed him into a seductive position and sat directly on him.I didn't want to give the impression of resistance so I instantly kissed his neck, I kissed it again and no this time I licked it. I licked his neck and bit it as I reached for the scissors with which I stabbed him on his chest.Once , again and again until his blood painted my face Justice, Raising hell in the pool of his blood, lifeless unlike a few minutes ago when he made my family sink in fear and consternation by the power of his pistle.And as he looked at us all tied up, their heads were all bowed except mine and Dad's.His bag pack was full of Dad's money and all our valueables.Laptops phones and even sands that sparkled.but I could tell by the look on his face and by the silence that evaded the premise that it wasn't enough.This guy wanted more.When he stared at my brothers and I with a look not just of vile intentions to rob us of our money but the also the dignity of the boys.I knew that instant he wanted us. He left with no money or pride that night,But I guess he only succeeded in robbing us of our innocence and unpurged himself of all his sexual tensions PERMANENTLY!. so pathetic yet fortunate.not for him though, for me? I guess for my family. I was only 9 at the time with Michal and Ben my brothers 14 and 11. And today while I Iook in the mirror with my well knotted tie, smooth blazers and sleek coat.I chuckled a little as a tiny show of sadness perched.How I look so sane.Its amazing.He taught me a lesson that night.He showed me what it meant to take a life.To thrive in such power,to claim a life and be a stranger to remorse.
You see, His end didn't come by the gun in his hand or by the scissors in mine.He died by the bittersweet desire of man.

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