Jude Casely
My work is simply my Identity.Its exposes who I am.How I perceive things, like how I decided to change the word from "think" to "perceive things".And how I like to express myself to the satisfaction of my audience like how I had to further explained. I am priceless..Gravely invaluable. Very Narcissistic by the way, very pretencious, very whole yet very broken, very understanding yet confused, very selfish yet needy, very true yet a liar..get to know me.who I am is what you read....Or is it?
Jan 10

Just like the dirt that flows away under the showers
Broken Beauty Begs to Bloom my flowers
Childhood memories and playful diseases
Grew for so long in my garden with consent
Consequences of the thong choked my rose
Pushed me to a corner, it enforced my dose
Dwelling in punishment and ugly condemnation
And enrobed my conscience with cloudy Proclaimation
Learning and living, Growing and Gaining
Embracing a foreign dawn for the sake of truth
Entrapment from acceptance in contrary to my root
A attractive food that desires my craving
A Love for all those love I've been saving
A Love who's addiction set me free
My minds vein values vaguely in vain
Those feelings faint from fatal favour
In the eyes of the one of longs for me
Me a culture of sin
Me a dessert of blemish
Me his cherish child
Me his ornament invaluable....
I am his

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