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Friens not Fri"ends"

The numbers keep counting,
The ranks keeps getting higher and
The voices in her head kept increasing.
Their incessant chattering climaxes as a result of different views.
The Positive and Negatives kept clashing
Skyrocketing her thoughts to dilemma.
She didn't know what to do with him,
No idea had she on how to handle what they had going on.

She yearned for him and he craved her.
She harmlessly said to him " I think of you" and he rented to her,all the spaces of his mind.
Only if she knew, she had built a home in his thoughts.

The thoughts of her wanting him,made him hunger for her more.
They were both entangled to themselves.
Friends? No, they weren't just that.
They were too close as friends and yet not couples,
It's all too complicated to end it at that zone.
"Friens" they were rather, if I must say,because they both didn't want it to "end".
Friens I say cos' the word makes no sense,so did whatever they were.

Is "he" the one for her?
Would they end up happy ever after?
If she gave "them" a chance, would it work out?
She is insecure,scared and confused.
Her demons made a lot of noise in her upstairs
But his love was a Beast,
It kept roaring.

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