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The love is Lost

While the friendship Lust......

"This is crazy"
I couldn't believe this was Jeremy's idea of fun. What in the hell happened to this dude,he's been my friend for over 22 freaking years,so basically he was my childhood friend and this side of him was never there more like I hadn't seen it yet.

Okay look here's the recap to this movie.
I had gotten into town just yesterday after been in ukraine for a year and three months. This didn't mean I lost contact with Jeremy though. We facetimed almost alot,he introduced me to his work buddies who eventually became my buddies too via video chat. Like that was how cool and constant our communication was,so I guess I felt we were too close for me not to notice that he was straying.

I had gone over to Jeremy's crib
,I needed him to help me plan a surprise proposal for Tanya who didn't know I was back yet,she always told me how much she missed me and I missed her more. With three years of dating? I had to put a ring on it but I had to surprise her and make it special.Taking her to Ukraine would be awesome you know..I couldn't just wait...     Sorry back to biz,where was I?
Oh…Well on getting there everywhere was weirdly silent and the door wasn't locked so I simply walked in, headed towards the bar to help myself with a glass of martini,I didn't feel weird bout this cos this was my hommies crib and the Jeremy I knew would do worse if he came to mine.
After sitting on the stool for a bit I then decided to check around for Jeremy.

I flung open his room door,I didn't knock,we never knock..It's just a friend thing
But that's the part I regret.

The room was stuffy with smoke and by not being a fool I knew it was weed and a pack of it was even on the table next to his bed, mild music played from the stereo while I beheld the sight of three used rubbers,you know what I mean ...
but it just laid on the floor just at the foot of the bed.

Jeremy walked into the room from the shower and froze by the threshold at the sight of me.
Just then a voice spoke from underneath the sheets,beckoning on him to come over and make abreast her desires & cravings.
Obviously this person wasn't tired.
Then the shape slid it's head from beneath the sheets.
Damn!! I exclaimed to myself, she's pretty as hell,though dazed her pink lips were obvious,luscious and full and her cleavage that shown were so delectable and voluptuous,her fair skin radiated under the dim lit room.
Now I was really crazy as I stared,I was weakened,
She stared at me surprised,her gaze bounced from myself to jeremy, her jaws dropped as tears slipped gently from her eyes when the Blue ring box I held fell from my hands,exposing the bright Gold ring in it with a Shiny gem atop.

That was my girlfriend
And her name "was" Tanya.

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