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This might be a girl...Or not

Couldn't let go of the pain felt,
He thought to himself

"time would make it melt".
But He couldn't continue in this shenanigans,
Cos' no mental strength was Availed.
For the lies that has been fed to his being were beginning to surface.
Time didn't melt them,it rather baked them hard and they arose from underwater.
The truth had been gagged for too long.
It screamed to the top of its voice with its eyes,
Yearning for freedom from the captor of this fragile yet strong mind.
A mind that lies to itself seamlessly about what it wants and why it wants it,
A mind that still can't understand the beauty of it since he knew no better,his mind lies.
Lies about the reason
"Why it Loves?"
"Is this fear"

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