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STATE OF |\/|!nD

I hate being caught up in my emotions
I dislike being the center of my own sadness
A pain boils in me sometimes and i hope it makes me hardened as but it drains me.
Drains me of the strength I thought I've got and keeps me wavering like a dry leaf from a branch.
I'm flooded with people around me,
I smile when I'm seen and I laugh to the jokes that fill the air but no pun connects me back to reality,
No one can tell:I'm lonely.
You don't know me,they don't understand me.
I've been made ridicule by been a subject of my mind. I'm enslaved it.
It is a cruel master who has so proclaimed itself a "Maze" to my thoughts and entire existence.
I hold these emotions down,
I suppress this anger so much that my lover becomes scared of me and fears for what I'm capable of.
Is it my fault that I'm a rebel to my own thoughts?
Probably not, yet I talk to my oppressor about the problems,
I speak to my emotions -how weird.
I confide in myself as I reveal the pain myself causes me constantly. But I tell myself,never would they see the flood that stays barricaded behind this dam. Never would the rain leak like a stream and flow in form of tears from these glossy eyes of mine because I taught me to be strong like that.
I taught me to trust myself when I needed expert advice.
I showed me how to live with care for homosapiens but expect the worst and live for it.
That way I reduce the pain even before the injury.
I seem strong and virile but I'm weaker than you think,
With a thick skin and elastic heart I still receipt to hurt but my nervous system only recognizes the pain caused by self infliction.
So,you think you hurt me?
No friend.
You don't,not until I let you.. Ironically still,it means I hurt me.

Singing Witchy lullaby
Tricks and Treats,
Brains of Maze,
You don't understand no matter how hard you gaze.
I indeed am a "Joker"

  • STATE OF MINDOh I meant |\/|!Nd

Do not read this!! I repeat: Do not.
Wait a sec
you have already haven't you.
Let's just assume you didn't,huh?
What says you..

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