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Bag of fate: Heads & Tails

As my eyes reacted to it, "Damn,this is so bright" I thought to myself as the golden rays of the morning sun hit my eyes with such vigor .
I turned and smacked my phone in a bid to shut the blaring alarm that screamed 7:36a.m.
Slowly I turned my back against the window for backstabbing me and letting the rays have its way to me, Oh yes I felt betrayed my this act.
You know this feeling of not wanting to get up from the bed and drift back to sleep but you just got to get out of bed already?
This time I felt it but it was heavier than normal,probably it had called upon its distant cousins and friends to suppress me in bed this morning.
I had to go to the doctor's by 8am and still make it to work still by 9. My job was boring but the pay was ass warming,I could go on about my day but the basic thing is today was gonna be stressful and long.
Sluggishly,I crept outta bed to the bathroom to jumpstart my day.
Urggghh, I groaned loudly,noticeing the saliva that had escaped through the edge of my lips and left vivid footprints.
This doesn't happen on a norm but a night of pizza,noodles with chicken deserved a morning like this I guess and oh don't forget the booze too.
Last night was…….

I turned to my side for like the hundredth time tonight. I just couldn't drift back to sleep again.
Bites from these insects were normal as breathing for they had become my buddies and shared my bed of carton and junk clothes with me.
It's a new day,though waking up beside this small raggedy shop wasn't the best but I was lucky it atleast had a nice shade that kept me a away from the light shower of last night but the cold aftermath was inevitable.
I had no idea what the time was but I felt only Night & hard workers or crooks trolled this time of the day judging from this dimly lit skies
What I'll do,where I'd go next,who had bump into or even how I'd eat today,I had no idea but after a short prayer of hope,I knew I'd survive.

You know life is like a coin,it's got head and tails.
It just depends what side you're living on and what perspective your view gives you.
This coin could get tossed anytime and your side of the story changes drastically…

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