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He's OK?

He took her to places in her emotions she never imagined were available to her reach.
He wasn't a prince charming but he was ready to be make this Harley a Quinn by being her joker.
She hadn't met "Crazy" before now,she hadn't a good taste of "Psyche" before this moments with him.
He was religiously clinging to this magnet like she was his addiction.
Mistakes came and gone but the need to conquer through love overcomes.
He wasn't perfect,he admitted to this yet didn't stop for half a second when striving to be good enough.
She had made herself the center of his attraction,she had made his view of life stronger by being there now and promising to being there in the future.
Promises she made without mincing a word through her actions.
Or he maybe he wasn't fluent in understanding body language?
Thoughts of him crept in and out of her head constantly,thoughts of her built a home in he's.
He had affected her in ways they both haven't experienced before.
He had traced every curve of her mind with his imaginations,made her overly moist with his thoughts.
She travelled the edges of his body with her tongue and he fined tuned the sensitivity of her skin with his fingertips.
They almost knew each other to the fullest.
Now it seemed the ties have been cut,the storyline was getting short.
The emotions could just not be stopped yet she tried to make them bend.
She wasn't tired of this "fun",hell No!
She was just scared of this Joker turning her mad with emotions and drowning her in the oceans of himself.
So when she called the games has been called to an end.
He became fragile,it broke him,it veiled him in pain.
He stood on his feet still.
Society would say at this point,
She was down while he stood
So she's the one who's broken
And he's OK.

They weren't just lovers at this point,
They were more.
There were friends all over the world.
They had just become one.

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