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DISCLAIMER: Matured content for those who see beyond the words.

She was a Glorious being to behold. Endowed with voluptuous curves of potentials with a beautiful skin as bright as the future. Lips full from talents and bosoms well placed for proper usage.
She wasn't perfect but work and time could get her there.
She was at rest and yet her beauty was blinding
Her sexy didn't make her beautiful,
The beauty made her sexy
Pure and Naked as the truth

But She was a victim of domestic violence….  Domestic?
No,no my Friend,it was a criminal act.

Her name was "Dream"
She is constantly belittled by words,down threaded on by the actions of a lover.
A lover she shared all of her deepest fears with,
A lover in whose mind she had made her home
One in whom she compared and imagined the possibilities of the future with and confided the mistakes and memories of the past in.
Same lover locks her indoors,
Tells her she's not ready, when it just might be he himself who's scared to show her off to the world.
Constantly her beauty is punched and scarred with words like "I can't do it" and doubted by "what will people say"
Dream is always threatened & never believed in.
But,Simply because she loved and cared,she made herself yours yet you've let a stranger break into what you both share.

Now,if your so dull and haven't noticed,she slips slowly out of your mind which was her home.
She packs her luggage of ideas,her bags of hope and need for a better tomorrow.
She slowly threads away to oblivion
With a taxi of amnesia,she leaves your mind into thin air and you just don't notice.
Untill she's gone you recall you once had a Dream
You remember this ambition was once in this room,
How this was an ultimate Goal once upon-a-time.

Get rid of the friends first,the ones that occupy your time and helped build the distance from your Goals,
Kill the stranger of unreadiness that has come in-between you and your lovely "Dream",
Destroy the “Doubt”
That said you can't,
Cos' only when the " 't " in the word "can't" is gone,
would you see that you "CAN".
She could still be yours,you could still win her heart
You can still achieve her.


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