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Are these Ramblings Random?

How random are your ramblings ,
How painful are your words
Do the write ups of your fingers heal the satin injury of the heart
Or possibly create freshness to the soul
All these I need to know
For the continents of your words I need to travel, and the outskirts of your alphabets I need to go.
Mama said I explore and inquire too much,
"Son you have not,the energy to journey the intentions of your mind" -she'd say
and she fears one day I'd travel so far,
Loose the strength of myself,
prolly get buried under the snow of society and oblivion and get lost.
She just might be right but also wrong,for I have no intentions of getting lost in the isle of another,
Neither can I be buried under the solid floor of society but rather I fear more,the jungle of myself.
I admire the vastness of my being.
I know this cos Nothing is random,
Nothing is coincidental,No one is random.
Predestination told me
"I'm nerdy"
but being weakend by this is the last option of a non-existent list.
I always told the fear in me never to underestimate the boldness of my mind.
For this nerd is bold.

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