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24 hours Jiffy

Lately I've been down and uninspired. I've been sitting around watching the seconds gradually roll into hours and hours into weeks. Just when your alarm does it's job and you're up and out for the day, the next you know you're getting ready for bed. Everyday rolls by as fast as it can, life is so brief one minute we all are in a hurry to do one or two things and the hustle continues after a few hours of dark rest. I guess that's why it's called the human race.

Everyone's pushing it, you may have the same schedule for a couple years and then you move on. 24 hours is never enough to hit the nail on the head, it's just not enough to run around and achieve our big dreams. I personally am a big dreamer. I've got so much fields I want to go into, many portions of land to cultivate, a lot of crops to harvest and 24 hours may just never be enough particularly if I spend 9 hours sleeping and 3 hours on social media or irrelevant appointments.

No matter how long you live, your years of independence balls down to a maximum of 70. It begins counting when you're 18 till the age of 75 as minimum that's if you live to be 75. That's the only period in the life of a person that he is allowed to make his choices and work hard regardless of people's opinion. Now assess yourself how many independent years have you spent, wasted or invested and how much more do you have left. What have you achieve with the years gone, life is too short to waste on social media which is clearly another man's investment. Mark Zuckerberg has made life time investments with 11-12 years of his independent years.

It's never too late too redirect and put in more effort. It's not about how long but how strong neither is it based on who started first for in this human race there is overtaking.

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