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The Lost Faith

They always tell us once your saved heaven is sure...

They even say that the Holy Spirit doesn’t walk away from you despite the sins you commit, they do just well in brain washing us, hiding under the few scriptures they’ve memorized.
They hand filter God’s word and make it something they want to hear and not what God wants us to hear. Their interpretation of the word of God brings joy to the heart of the sinner for he is being assured saying it doesn’t matter what he does because the Holy Spirit would never leave.

I’m tired of hearing the catch phrase “God is not angry with you”...

Churches are taking these millions of precious souls to hell, leading the innocent astray. Motivational messages are being broadcasted but nobody wants to talk about the coming of the Lord. No pastor wants to bear the burden of calling to the attention of the congregation the consequences of the sins they commit. Everything goes in the house of God because nobody wants to cut his funds or members by rebuking the obvious evil deeds.

Believers are the most ridiculous this days...

Why do you think you are being misled? Simply because you don’t have the time to research God’s word or listen to your father while he speaks to you. The only thing Christians preach these days are the messages of their fathers in Christ forgetting that the source and foundation of your PAPA, Reverend or Pastor is Christ. We should seek to communicate directly with the Lord and not reproduce or carry around this idolatrous thinking of your man of God as Christ.

The truth be told, black is black and white is white...

If no one would stand for the true gospel I will. If you are in Christ and you cannot be living in sin. Only true believers would know when the Holy Spirit has strolled away from them, you read me right strolled away. Our God is a God of righteousness and wouldn't dwell in a dirty place. As believers at one time or the other we have felt emptiness or heaviness of heart while trying to communicate with the Holy Spirit and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t connect to God until you ask for mercy. That’s it! That’s what happens when the Holy Spirit strolls away.

Let’s get things clear...

Your salvation doesn’t stamp or make heaven certain for you. The word of God says that we have to work out our salvation in fear and trembling and in this context it means working out your every day life to be in affirmation with God as a Christian. So whoever tells you that God is not angry at you even when you have committed sin and still affirms even when you’re not abiding with God’s word, doesn’t love you. Stop limiting yourself to every word heard in church, look into God’s word and get a personal revelation of God for yourself.

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