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My Conclusion

I love movies, I've got this strange addiction for movies. Can't go a day without at least one movie or a week without finishing three seasons of any seasonal movie. As a student I read but I just watch movies too. During my tests or even exams I'm just glued and going. During those pressing times, I'm usually seen as book repellant or whatever word they use for it. I didn't just start watching movies this much, it was triggered.

I'm so emotional and sensitive and I figured the only way to get away from the world or reality was through these movies. Just like people who take alcohol or hard drugs to forget their problems or whatever was troubling them or even stand as their inspiration or muse, same it was with me.

Movies are my little planet I call elsewhere. It takes me far from things troubling me. Helps me seem like I don't care about texting back. Truth be told everyone needs a kind of distraction once in a while but this was different. I made movies my reason for procrastinating things I had to handle. It was an easy get away. Until the odds began settling in.

I realized it wasn't a permanent solution and just like alcohol, when the effects were drained, the troubles came back in. I don't really know where I'm heading with this but I still love movies at least movies wouldn't cheat on me or slap me in the face or betray me but they won't also help me sort my life out (depends). I'm going to see one after writing this.

Seriously, my point is...

Addictions of any sort would never solve any problem for you. You've got to sit down, think, strategize and straighten out your life as soon as you can. God is always there waiting for you to just say the word. Nothing can ever give you the true answers or solution to the puzzle as God can.

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