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Loop Hole

I’ve always been the life of the party
Or rather the fountain of resuscitation of hope and purpose
Different from everyone around me
Of course no two persons are the same
But this kind of different was different
I was the engine of the vehicle
The kind of vehicle that was driving my friends to their purpose.
They were humble, sincerely humble

I mean I’m not a public speaker
Stage fright I guess
But when I did my inspirational talk
They listened and were driven to tears
I was respected among my peers
Oh wait! My elders
I tell you age is just a number
When you have wisdom as old as Adam

I was appreciated, they loved me
This friend who I learned a lot from
This friend who hardly speaks
But when she does, wisdom falls out if not sarcasm
This friend who calls me back to integrity
Who helps me uphold my dignity
Who doesn’t judge me because she isn’t perfect
It sounds just right

Well that would have been if they cared as much
Because I made myself strong like mom asked
I became a pillar for everyone to lean on
I was happy being a pillar
The bad thing is that no one cared to check
To be sure the pillar was still holding up right
That it was not bent or beginning to slant
That’s how I fell apart

The pillar cracked and we all fell
Just one loophole and the mansion was no more
All that was gained was lost
All that was believed in was dropped
Dignity and integrity became heavy weight
I fell so hard through the loophole

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