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The Odds

You ever make a decision and then regret it
Because it hurts so badly like a toothache
In the pretext of saving yourself from hurt
And staying on the safer side of the bridge
You could end up missing out on your greatest shot

The best things in life do come to all
They don’t have to look fancy or lavish
But they mostly take the form of humans
These humans supposedly angels were sent
Sent by God to guide us and bring us joy

Either we are blinded by so many things
That we don’t realize these angels right next to us
Or we are so selfish that we won’t let them in
Or scared of taking that step
These excuses take us far from these angels

I regret saying I was scared but then
I wish I could take it back one moment
And the other moment I feel I’m right
Regardless how much I’m hurting
But deep down I want you

I’m also scared of what the odds may be
It may soon come crumbling down ‘us’
But then I lie to myself that I’m good
I want us to be together, I do
But again I’m scared

I’m scared I’d love you way to much
That we’ll get to a bridge we may never cross
That after a while our fire would be put off
That I may seize to be special anytime soon

I’m scared that one day I’d look back
And I’d have missed my big shot
That it’ll dawned on me that it was you all along
But then I missed it and let you slip

Most times I wish my fear justifies me
But then I realize it tears me up instead
I think I want to take this shot
and let the odds file in later

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