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Mom Genesis

I always loved babies, I mean I still love them. I’ve got this strong thing for them. They are just so cute, cuddly, innocent and ignorant in a good way. You know I always had the fantasy when I was much younger of being a teenage mom. I wanted a baby so badly at the age of 16 but now I know better. At least I’ve had a dozen more experiences with kids now than before. But still what do I know about babies?

I mean they are evil…

They hurt you but then they’ve got this cute sad puppy face with their pure white eye balls and when they look at you with the slightest drop of reflective liquid in it, you just loose your grip and set them free. These little lovely creatures could mess up the house, turn over the pot of stew you cooked with the fresh tomatoes that you spent 20 minutes haggling its price with the seller. They could be quiet at times little do you know they are chewing on pepper. You'd hear water splashing on the floor only to find out they've flooded the dinning with water from the dispenser.

Their sound in distress is alarming…

The part of the night that you most enjoy is the perfect time for their sing along. During the afternoons, they cry so hard especially when the weather is too hot or too cold or even just right. It’s just hard to spank them when they raise the alarm of distress, if they do something silly and get hurt oh!! The cry of a baby, so innocent, clear sometimes I think they use their alarm to give reports to God about how they are being treated. No matter how it hurts my head or ears it’s just soothing.

They have to eat more than a grown man…

I don’t know but babies need breast milk every 2-3 hours. Someone sucking on those nipples two hours in everyday and in six months till he’s whined. It’s no joke. The part when he develops strong gum and little teeth is dreadful. Breast feeding becomes sore for the fear of a bite.

Changing diaper…

Well I enjoy this part although it’s inconveniencing at times. When you’ve got your head into something else and then your baby is quietly playing with his toys and suddenly the atmosphere changes. Oh crap! He’s done it again.

I love my baby...

He is the beginning of the mom chapter in my life. Nothing good comes easy or stays easy. In other to be good it has to be maintained but that isn’t easy either. It doesn’t mean I’m going to love good things any less. You could be annoying, weird or inconveniencing at times but I love you.

I’m looking forward to seeing you
Just make sure you’ve got those big brown and white eyes
Daddy loves you.

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