Ante Comfort (Kohziee)
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One thing we were never told as a child was that our memories will always linger for ever so far as we are still alive . 

One reason we are told or always told to enjoy and have fun while we can , cause some days never come back

And most times no more chances to do those things that we used to love doing . Not like no chances but we grow out on some of those things and give room for new things .

I'm sitting here in my room with my home outfit , just finished eating rice with stew and have been listening to music since I woke up . But some songs just bring back some beautiful and well spent moments with people we once called lovers , friends and loved ones .
It’s strange how we meet people , find a connection , become very close and most times unbreakable and then boom , we become strangers all over again . Like total strangers , like we’ve never met before . The Circle keeps going on and on and I’ve come to take it as it is . It’s okay as it’s not everyone who’s supposed to be with you on this journey called life .

These days I’m even way too scared to meet new people because somehow we will become strangers and it will now all be a memory . I have way too many memories and sometimes I wish I never remembered or have a flashback of some memories but , what’s life without them? Some memories put smiles on your face , while some , you just wished they never happened 😔 and those ones hurt so bad .

some secondary school memories 🥰🥰 that's one memories I would love to experience again , it was fun , beautiful, annoying , but in all of it my secondary school memories (junior secondary) still remains my best memory lane . I always want to have it all up in my head . My first time being in a boarding school , my first time being bullied , although I got bullied almost at every given chance , my being a bully these days , 😂 yes I was a small bully and would bully my younger juniors 😂 . The days where we formed songs for seniors and teachers 🥰, the days of being a prayer warrior oh yes I miss praying like that , sometimes I wish I could go back to that life but I’m not going to lie to you . Had lots of memories in my junior secondary school (TISS) , some ugly memories that I wish I could take back the hands of time to make some corrections but hey we move 😂😊. But they were lots of fun times , and I miss every single classmate of mine as at that time and still wish I could meet with all of them someday 😊

But , my senior secondary school days were days where I had to learn to enjoy my own company and make friends with myself . It was not easy always feeling like you’re the problem . I was the problem at some time but not all the time . I got deboarded from school , and that’s when I realized I barely had friends and the people I actually called my friends never saw me as their friend. It was crazy , I always wanted to be part of a clique, but it turned out I was forcing the energy and vibe and I had to just learn to stay alone and move alone . It was not easy , one of the hardest pills anyone can take .

But doing the lonely walk taught me a lot and made me realize what life was and is all about . Sometimes it gets beautiful 🤩 sometimes it’s get to sad 😔 that you would want to have all the company you need but you won’t just be able to get them , you learn to be your own company , your own friend , your own adviser.

Not sad I feel this way , I love that I still have some memories stuck up in my head . Memories are beautiful 🤩, sad 😔 but above all build sweet and lovely ☺️ memories while you can .
I hope you enjoyed my little ted talk…………… KiKa

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