Ante Comfort (Kohziee)
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The Anniversary 💔

Just like that , the people you could not stay a day without calling , or wanting to see , just like that , they have now become strangers ::::::::: you’ve fallen out with lots of people and you sit to wonder why relationships don’t seem to ever work out .

Your one time love of your life now becomes a person you can’t reach or talk to whenever you’re down and sober and really want to vent . 😔 it’s difficult 😥 living like this .

I just feel we torture ourselves too much , But we can’t help ourselves, can we? We are humans and we are bound to make mistakes and even fail but never give up cause the clock never stops ticking .

But how do you live with all these emotions ravaging inside you and making you have sleepless night and an unending thoughts 💭
How do you get so attached to someone that it’s so difficult to let go even when the person has moved on completely 😔 it’s sad isn’t it ? So sad that you now realize that you were the only person getting attached and that the other person was just enjoying the times while it lasted . How friends totally become strangers is what marvels me and above all how people allow their emotions to take full control over them .

I really want to call you 😔 I want to hear you speaking to me 😔 just tell me how much you love me 😔 that’s how badly I miss you . But I’ll learn to live with it . It was good while it lasted , it just hurts me that you’re now part of my memories and will remain as memories , that I’ll have to continue my journey without you inside😔:::::::::: it’s been a year and I still feel this way towards you 😔 yes I was wrong but you never tried to make us work , it’s more like you were never in for it , you were just there for the fun of it . That’s why you found a replacement so quickly and moved on 😔 I was never part of your priorities. It hurts but it’s good 😌 I say these truths to myself . Because all I could remember is the pain after the pleasure that I always feel and made me question my own self worth. You never spent a year with her when you already started buying her gifts and even inviting her over to your place to even meet with your dad and even attend your family functions .

You replaced me so quickly like I never existed and that’s what hurts me the most . And I made a fool out of myself when I thought that I could make it all work no matter what happened and never for once cared about my own self ::::::::::::::::: I don’t regret it at all but I’m happy that you’re happy 😊

It was good having you be part of my life and you’ll always be missed by me but I have to move on . I have to embrace it and live with it. And I’ll always be happy for you and be rooting for you to be immensely successful in life and live all your dreams whilst making them a reality come true .

That’s what life gives us most of the time . This moment you’re fine and the next moment you’ll be seen battling with lots of things which causes daily anxiety 😥

Friends becomes foes and lovers becoming strangers 😔😥
And so on 🥺 yet they say life is easy , oh common it’s not as easy as they say most times especially , when you got use to always having it easy and parents made it so too . Now , you have to struggle to get what you truly want 😔 a roller coaster I’ll call it .

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