Ante Comfort (Kohziee)
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I swear if I were to be told what pain felt like , not sure I would have ever understood it 🥺. I don’t know how you people move on from heartbreak from knowing that the one person you once could not stay without is now a total stranger to you . You can’t call him, you can’t reach him, he does not want to talk to you not anymore .
He cuts ties with you like there were never feelings . Gosh this is what pain feels like . It pierced through your heart and maaan you can feel it from the inside how your heart tears with so much blood stain on it .
I bet I still have fantasies in my head that we will meet someday and be friends again.

I want to at least know that you are alive and leaving well . I want to know that you’re winning . Yes we don’t have to talk but i want to see you high up there leaving those dreams of yours and having that life you’ve always wanted to live . It is really painful , it feels like death to me . It’s really painful to know that I would never be able to reach you again . You’re not dead but that’s how it feels to me .

I miss you and I pick up my phone ; wanting to call you but I just can’t dial your number 🥺🥺. I dial it but I don’t expect you to answer me . Because you won’t and will never 🥺🥺

People don’t talk about this part of their heart breaks . How they struggle to live with the pain knowing that the one time love of your life is now a stranger to you . You guys don’t talk , you don’t even call not to check up on each other . It’s tough to deal with this .
I want to completely heal so I can focus !!!! Focus!!!!! .

Man I’m not going to lie I miss you 😢 it’s hard to believe that it’s finally over 🥺🥺 thumbs up man . It was nice having been a part of my journey . The last time I felt this way was in my junior secondary 😌 I wanna feel this way again 😊 I wanna love again

And I’ll never stop being a sweet girl because that’s what I’ve always been and you know 🥺: . I didn't even get to say a proper GOODBYEbut still it’s still Goodbye 🥺🥺

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