Izaka Aigbokhan
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The Falling Man

Wonder what the last seconds felt like.

For the first time, I actually sorta read about 9/11... I was really young when it happened, it was in other states, and ofcourse it had a nation-wide effect, but I was probably too young to care. I don't remember. In the years to come it was just a 'People died on that day' thing to me.
But I check it out, and I know that afterwards, the things that pulled me in the most were the still frame photos of the people who were falling to the ground from the towers... Like, you look at it like, 'How long would it take? 8 seconds? 10?'... Them just darting to the crowd knowing when they hit the floor everything ends. You can't imagine the kinda situations within the buildings, the chaos and panic that most likely ensued, the struggle to escape, the one's who tried to save a friend at their own demise... Hell let loose in a finger to the heavens... And there's the passengers in the various planes too, remaining calm seems impossible, the helplessness would rattle you...
But for those guys falling, you in a way know what's happening, you don't know if they fell off or just jumped by themselves to get away from the smoke and flames, you can't get specific, but you can picture those few moments where gravity does what it always does, it seems preferable to imagining the last moments in an inferno, you pretend you can fly.
Eventually, you just snap back and wonder why things like this even have to happen at all, and the pessimism creeps in, you resign to the outlook that humanity pursues strife, but you still can't accept that, you don't want to... But then again, if there's good, there's usually evil, and a blame game too... The story looks too long to figure out.
RIP to the victims.

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