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Album Review: The Incredible True Story

The Incredible True Story (TITS... Heh) is a rap album by American rap artiste Logic. His second studio album, it follows the trip across space being made by two men from an artificial home referred to as Babel, after human life on earth is no longer sustainable... The trip is being made in order to find Paradise, a rumoured 'new' earth, where life can thrive.

Track 1: Contact
Mostly instruments, ushering you into the epic that's about to unfold, has a Star Trek-ey feel I suppose.
Skit follows, with basic instructions from the command centre given to the pilot, Quentin, the ship's AI, Thalia, can be heard... Second in command of the ship, Kai, joins our Pilot on board. Short dialogue follows.
Quentin then proceeds to play the album, which we then listen to for the entirety of the trip.

Track 2: Fade Away
Quite a fan of this song, it discusses, more or less... Death.
The acceptance of death, that we will in fact all fade away, and be forgotten. So what do we do? Make sure we do something that will have us remembered for as long as possible.
Why does Harry Potter not lose to the Dark Lord? Cos he accepted his death, unlike his opponent who fears nothing more than it. Logic has a decent grasp of reality, and is working with it, not against it.
Skit follows, Quentin and Kai are conversing, and discuss Thalia, the ship's AI, get used to her functions. Big Sean has short a appearance.

Track 3: Upgrade
Logic states that he's advanced, mentally, and musically, embracing more Sonically diverse methods in his songs, not the regular sounds you expect in a Hip Hop album. He's doing music for him, not for those who try to dictate his actions. He's past that. Okay song.

Track 4: White People (Scene)
Skit, Quentin and Kai are conversing, and Thalia informs them that they've come across another ship just wandering in space. A message is intercepted from the ship, seemingly pre-recorded... The captain states the entire crew is dead, and that he fears his death is on its way.... Warning whoever listening to not come on board.
Why it's titled white people? Kai is black, and the command centre states the crew should engage the ship, now, in most horror films, it's a common thing for the black person to be the most apprehensive... And the first to die. Hence Kai's words, 'Why white people always gotta go investigating shit?'.
The command centre heeds to the advice of the captain on the recorded message though, much to Kai's relief.

Track 5: Like Woah
One of the albums lead singles, very melodic, logic simply looks back on how far his career has gone, as how he's gonna keep on doing what he's doing... Like Woah. Pump up track sorta...

Track 6: Young Jesus (Ft. Big Lenbo)
Also a lead single, check out the video. He's the saviour of Hip Hop, with no fucks given and damns in scarce supply. Great verses by logic, I preferred the second one to the first though. Bump to it, cos it's bumpable, duh.

Track 7: Innermission
Play on intermission, breaks in plays... This is an Innermission, a break in order to be introspective, and think about just exactly what's going on. Logic discusses how Hip Hop has impacted his life, and how different everything is due to it. Discusses some friendships and how he hasn't seen his biological family in a while. Hook is hella calming. Great song.
Skit follows, a young man is talking to a child, seemingly about what he knows about space, and the planet paradise.

Track 8: I Am The Greatest
Well, he's saying he's the greatest to ever grab a mic. You coulda guessed. Mohammed Ali's vocals repeating the same words of course add effect to the message he's trying to send. He doesn't care about those who complain, he's doing what he loves, and he loves doing it.
'Late night, dark night, crowd going bat shit'... Heh... Okay song.

Track 9: The Cube (Scene)
Skit, Kai is solving a Rubik's cube, and Quentin shows interest, especially when Kai informs him, 'Bitches love the Rubik's cube'. Honestly don't know what this skit is for... But,
*Goes to get a Rubik's cube *

Track 10: Lord Willin'
My personal favourite on the album, I just love the sound, really, it lifts me up.
Logic seeks to encourage those with dreams to keep pursuing them, and not give up.. .Cos Lord willin', it'll all be fine one day. Lovely hook. Lovely song.

Track 11: City Of Stars
Obvious Kanye West 808's influence on this song. One of my preferred tracks.
He personifies Hip Hop, and how the game can be a very uncaring one.
The beat then switches, the earlier part was sung, in this part logic raps about the prior events, such as the under-shipping of his debut album by his label, as well as perceived flaws in Hip Hop and Hip Hop fan consciousness. How his being bi-racial is still an issue, and basically how people be on some stupid retard shit.
'I love Hip Hop, and I hate Hip Hop, cos people that love pac hope that Drake get shot'... Great song.

Track 12: Stainless
I ain't got much say, this song is dope as fuck. That's it.
He's discusses his making it up from the lowest depths, from in the rough dirt to stainless status.

Track 13: Babel (Scene)
Skit, Quentin and Kai discuss the aim of their mission, and how they are trying to find Paradise ... He touches on how humans seem inherently destructive... And how maybe paradise shouldn't be found, for its own good.

Track 14: Paradise
Logic once again discusses the hardships he faced while growing up.
In a way, I feel he's saying we all want improvements, we all want paradise.
Song switches to another beat, logic raps about daily thoughts on his current standing, and how he reacts to the reactions of others.

Track 15: Never Been
Only song I love more is Lord Willin', a 'get up and don't stop' song. I guess I'm quite tuned in to songs that seek to inspire and encourage, cos of late I feel like I need that boost, that voice saying that I should get the fuck up. Great hook, great verses, just listen to it yo. I'm done.
'I spit knowledge like the listener is my only son, and grip the mic like I'm at war and it's my only gun.'

Track 16: Run It
Lol, I vibe to this.
He just talks on how shit's changed, but how he, in response, has not.
He still runs it.

Track 17: Lucidity (Scene)
Skit, Quentin and Kai are conversing. Discuss how life on babel is, more or less, programmed... There is nothing new, leaves you wanting something more, something original.

Track 18: The Incredible True Story
First of all, the way the previous track transitions to this one is great.
Logic just says people should realize themselves, and do what they want. Which is in most cases the only way to truly be happy.
A sample from the famous British philosopher, Alan Watts, is added. Buttressing his point, 'Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way'...
Skit follows, crew of the ship land on paradise, Sonically, this was great, the sounds of life were just... Beautiful.
This was the final track on the album.

And, that's it on the album Review for The Incredible True Story by Logic.
This album was amazing to me, not what you expect, and something people would easily get 'meh' over due to how it veers away from common practice and method.
Don't think I'll score this one, I just like this piece, that's all.

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