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Album Review: The Sun's Tirade

Honestly been waiting for an album I actually had interest in listening to so writing this wouldn't feel as cumbersome as writing normally is for people like me who are lazy and unproductive, and also a recent project so I wouldn't be stretching back to years gone by to review some stuff just because it went double platinum with no features... (But damn, Jesus, you see that?)
And, to that effect, we have Isaiah Rashad's new release, The Sun's Tirade... A title which he explains simply describes what the past two years have been for him, 'a long ass day'.
This piece is coming two years after the generally well welcomed 'Cilvia Demo' of 2014. And can be seen as a big step, artistically, for Isaiah. This is a project which was no doubt affected and delayed by Rashad's addiction to Xanax and alcohol in the aftermath of the Oxymoron tour, something he has admitted nearly got him dropped various times from his label, TDE. Yeah, the one Kendrick is in, to you mainstream fellows.

This album contains about 17 tracks, with some of them including more than one song, and having beat switches. It's something that makes you remember his previous release, but also strikes you as quite different. On the album he discusses varying issues, from his addiction (AA) to his past before blowing up (Free Lunch), he delves into topics such as religion and faith briefly in latter parts of the album, and also questions at times whether the rap life is really all those who only see it on TV think it is (Dressed Like Rappers). It has a definite smooth soothing 'this would sound better if you're high' jam in Silkk Da Shocka, and a very good opening track in '4r Da Squaw'. Also, we can't forget the self questioning piece that is 'Wat's Wrong' with a long awaited Kendrick Lamar feature.

All in all, this is no doubt a good addition to the ever growing Isaiah Rashad discography, he only seems to get better and even addiction can't hold him back. Loved listening to the album (repeatedly) and about to do so again.

Amazing work Zay, keep on keeping on.

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