Elaweremi Ebiotu
Love is all
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"I often wanted your attention, I often begged for it, I was desperate about having you around. I wanted you. No! I needed you cause I suddenly saw you as an essential in my life. I craved your presence, your scent. I just needed you here.
You only checked up on me on Mondays when it seemed convenient enough for you but come on, how about my mourn days, those days when things didn't seem right and here you are Wright, swinging on to other girls,the ones that didn't want you around. I wished I could hold on to a path, one that didn't have you in it and here I am...."
  Those were the last words of Sarah on her diary as there wasn't a word to get out of her mouth cause she was found lying in a pool of blood with a slitted throat. Sarah chose the path where indeed she wouldn't have Wright in it, my Sister committed suicide.

Keeping things to ourselves all the time isn't always worth it. There's always someone to talk to. There's always someone to listen.
 Another thing is that we shouldn't get too familiar with those we have around us and treat them like shit simply because they want to make us feel important cause one day the love would grow weary. Let Love Lead. Value those who need to be valued. Love those in search of love.

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