Elaweremi Ebiotu
Love is all
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We were so close to the extent that I thought even goodbye couldn’t separate us.
All my life, everything I did she was there.
Whenever I cried, she was my pillow. When I fell, she always held me up. That’s my Momma I’m talking about….The lady who has always got my back right from the onset.
One day, I got back home with silence everywhere. Silence was so loud that I could hear the beating of my heart and my huddled thoughts. Fear gripped me at the sound of my ring tone, I picked up the phone and here I am: at the hospital where my Momma is.
I saw my Momma crying and I cried along side when she had told me of the worst stage her cancer had gotten. I was so full of hope because I believed Doctors had the solution to things like this, they always have a way of saving lives. All they have to do is mix a blue and red chemical or press a mighty syringe on the buttocks or arms of their patients and boom everyone is fine. A great level of hope I had on Doctors and same hope I had on the ones moving to and fro the hospital I had my Momma in.
My Momma told me it was time. I really didn’t know what time it was she was talking about because it wasn’t time for our usual evening prayers we have before going to bed neither was it time for us to pray for dinner since there was no food on our table here. It wasn’t also time for me to go to school nor time for her to hit her work place and besides it was 7pm and neither of us go to school or the office at 7pm. She got me really confused at the time she meant.
She kissed my hands and whispered “I LOVE YOU” with her eyes shut and there and then she was taken from me.
C’mon, I didn’t see any Doctor mixing any blue and red chemicals amounting to yellow been poured on her, no mighty syringe pierced behind her. It dawned on me she was gone. I finally got a hint of the time she was talking about. I understood the time now. My mystique about Doctors seemed to be a waste of my time. I felt deluded. But what could I do? I was just a 14 year old who got herself a goodbye. It was my first goodbye and same time my first heartbreak.

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