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Love is all
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The Transit

There was a time in my life I read and I never got an understanding of what I read. I tried. I wanted to know things but it seemed things didn’t want to know me.
My books and I weren’t quite friendly with each other. We always had a way of hating on ourselves. Years passed, I cried because no matter how I loved to know, I just did not know anything. I got tired of being compared to those that knew what they were doing and that kept me from being close to them. I felt some sort of quiet marginalization. I just wanted to be alone.
I realized I wanted to know things, I was inspired but the level of energy I put in wanting to know wasn’t much. I wasn’t doing so much work. Studying was debilitating and I wondered how some persons could sit for hours to study. My question was “How did they always do it?” I got to the conclusion that my village people were after me. But really, what did I do to this village people I thought. Why dem dae rush me? But my thoughts weren’t right. I was actually lazy.
On a fateful afternoon, I made a decision. I refused to aspire for 100% and do just 10%. Now I wanted people to call me a bookist, a bookologist or even a bookola. I put in efforts, so much of it. I loved to read, all of the time now. Grades started getting high. I moved from F’s to D’s. That was a great improvement for me. That wasn’t much satisfactory though but I loved the feeling I was getting that from doing so much, I could actually get a lot done. Now I wanted to do more, like much more. I was proud of myself at this point. I read harder, I worked harder, my passion for studying increased. I was like someone on drugs. I wanted more of this improvement. I wanted to be an addict of this improvement and it made me crave for the better.
Here I moved from a D student to a C student. I started counting my B’s and A’s. Wow. It seemed too glorious for me. It was like magic. A miracle I would call it. It was the time of my life, a time I just want to always have.
Thing is, we really wouldn’t have much done if we aren’t doing much. Nothing ever happens if all we have are aspirations and have nothing done. We all have to sit up. We have to keep keeping on. Let’s keep our dreams alive by doing.

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