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Episode 2: "Cat & Dog"

The whole of BeninCity was covered in dark clouds and restless B ats. It's been raining since 12:45pm.

The geography of Ebube drive isn't one to hold a heavy rain especially when cats and dogs are used in the expression of its strength - There would definitely be a flood. Coupled with the lack of gutters, bad road and multiple pot holes; it's just a disaster.

Nowamagbe was becoming worried.
The rain wasn't looking like it would subside anytime soon and the apple of his eyes was somewhere in Oluku at the biggest salon in town.

"Cant she finish up the hair some other time? Or isn't it looking like the end of the world over there?" Nowamagbe complained as he navigates to his speed dial to call Baby.

This was not only about the weather, Nowamagbe wouldn't let the apocalypse come between himself and the welcome back party of his best friend Iyekhoetin. More importantly, he needed to be there with his jewel, the sugar in his Tea - Sebrina Edokpolor, his lovely wife (or 'Baby' as he prefers to call her).

"My Love!" Her soothing voice cried from Nowamagbe's iPhone.

"Baby, its raining here, you know how bad our street can get, you need to get back before things get worse. You also know we have a dinner party by 5pm" He said.

"Oh dear, they just started my hair, I've been waiting since forever, Nevertheless I'll be done at around 5:30pm. The driver will get me home ASAP. He sure knows his way around the bad road and hold-up. No fears my love, we can always throw another party for the Edo's."
"I'll say Hi to Governor Obaseki's wife on your behalf. She's here too"
She replied as she dropped the call.

The party-deprived Nowamagbe sluggishly walked to the Kitchen fridge in search of junk food. While he was at it, another call came in.
A video call from Etin.

His countenance changed immediately as he pondered on how he would explain the situation of things to his 'besty'. Then he swiped green trying to fake a smile for the camera.

"Owioba afa na!" Etin screamed from the other end of the line.

The first 90seconds were for regular jokes and regular greetings.

"Baba e be like say I don postpone the party oh" He Continued
"Wetin happen na?" Nowamagbe asked as a took a deep breathe in and out expressing relief.
"You nor see say na car I dey?"
"Hold-up wan finish my destiny. Airport Road don lock reach ending. I still dey Oba Akenzua since 4 O'clock. My Barney don para taya" Iyekhoetin Said

"Shoot me! My wife dey Oluku dey make hair and dem just dey start"
"Our area don dey flood sef. E be like say Trailer even spoil for road." Nowamagbe replied.

"Dooh! Make she fine where to lodge. Shebi na you talk say make we stay for GRA! Issoke!" Etin concluded.

They both laughed and the call went off.

...To Be Continued

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