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Episode 1: "Welcome Home"

Mr. Iyekhoetin Oyathelemi is a virtuous business man and a workaholic. A First Class graduate of Economics from the prestigious University of Benin and currently the south-south sales director of “Blak Consolidated” a leading company in beverage production currently diverging into Construction as well as Oil and Gas, co-founded by his best friend Nowamagbe Edokpolor - a wealthy and charming young man who dropped out of Benson Idahosa University after investing his school fees into Blak Consolidated. Now he is considered the third richest man in Edo State, Nigeria.


All through his Journey back home, Iyokhoetin mostly known as ‘Etin' couldn’t stop thinking about his beautiful wife, Kimberly Oyathelemi and her magical smile that could raise a dying man. Etin often decribes her as the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He married her a virgin and they’ve been married for over two years. At the moment all he could imagine was how he would squeeze her so close to himself when he gets home


“its 9:15pm, Etin would be back home any minute” Kim said as she hurriedly gets the “Welcome Back” cake out of the oven.

The entire compound had a stunning sweet smell. Soft blues played from the Samsung™ powered audio system. Kim still had her heavy makeup on.
“There is no way I’m not getting laid tonight” She Muttered.

Fifteen minutes later, Etin majestically walked in. As soon as Kim heard his footsteps, she ran excitedly into his wide open arms not minding the portmanteau on his right hand and the trench coat hanging down his shoulders.

“I’ve missed you baby” she said as she transforms the hug into a tongue entangling French kiss.

Etin let go of his trench coat and portmanteau. "This is not a time for distractions" he thought

“I’ve missed you too my love, two months is indeed a long time” he said as he tightened his grip around her and helped her undo her clothing.

“I want to live in this moment forever” Kim moaned as Etin kicked into action.

Etin woke up at 12 noon. Wore his robe, walked down to the kitchen and hugged Kim from behind as he seductively whispered, “I need to get to the office, I’ll be back before you notice my absence, 4pm tops!”

“Do you have to?” she asked with a bothered look.

“Mmmnn” he replied as he stuffed his toothbrush into his mouth on his way out of the kitchen.

His car wouldn’t start
“Perhaps the engine had gone cold out of two months of dysfunction” he pondered after which he decides to go with Kim’s G-Wagon™ even without telling her.

An hour later, when Kim was sure her dear husband was far gone, she picked up her phone and made a short call.

“Oboy! Onwuka! Abeg nor come my house again, nor call me again, my husband don come back, I nor fit shout!"

And then she hung up.

To Be Continued

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