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The only thing safe from man is yet to be born. Our dear hands were forged for destruction
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Colluding Words and Pixels

For a large part of my life, literature has been my companion. I have always had a strong affinity for the otherworldly; a divergent from the mundane reality I have come to live.
And in the finely printed words I found the windows to new worlds, experienced the past and outlived the future. In a single breath, books rode me through the tides of my emotions; sadness at the demise of a hero, awe at his defiance of fate and happiness when he finds love.
This experience I think laid the foundation to the Clouddust vision, underneath the fracas of personal glory and enthusiasm to uplift, my love for books still remains the pillar on which this dream is being built.

Have you ever seen a Potter mould? He takes the lump of clay, adding one bit at a time until it begins to take shape. This is how I can describe the Clouddust creation experience.

In Clouddust, I seek to create a world where anyone can seek new adventures, immerse themselves in to tales and explore the boundaries of their emotions.

This is why content matters to Clouddust. Without great content, we cannot give such an experience which is why we will be going through the process of content gathering painstakingly to ensure we deliver works worthy of the new world.

I have also taken varying taste into consideration which I was not open to at the very beginning. I understand now that some people love comics too which is why Clouddust intends to serve comics too.

At the moment we have zero content. We have reached out to no one.
Patience is our keyword in this journey. So we intend to take things slowly. We are close to the final version of the website already, in a while we shall take the next step in Clouddust creation by entering the content gathering stage.

There shall be hurdles, there already are. I am fully aware but that won't stop me from forging forward and enjoy every moment of this journey.

I hope to share the journey with the world, the highs and lows and hopefully to a blissful end.

Till next time, namaste 🙏

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