Oriasotie Ehis
The only thing safe from man is yet to be born. Our dear hands were forged for destruction
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Hi! My name is Ehis. I have been contemplating endlessly on what my first post should be about. I just decided to be spontaenous and drop a short story I wrote three years back, loosely based on real life events. Enjoy. Love and share😀

“Ye, my God!” I exclaimed as i couldn’t believe what was before my eyes, it was happening, but i still didn’t want to believe it…..

After a very unsuccessful valentine, my mum dragged me to one of her church vigils, she said valentine was over, and so i had no excuse not follow her to church, I had vehemently opposed the decision of going; as I and Osibobo had something planned for that day and i didn’t want to fail him, but when i told Osibobo the corner i was in; he told me not to worry that the show could still go on without me ,he also told me that it was during vigils; that he met most of his babes, he even backed it up, telling me one of his numerous stories, I didn’t know how he did it, but he never told one story twice, finally convinced me to go with my mother, and gave me tips on how to know that; A BABE GET YOU FOR MIND…I didn’t take that part to heart as i didn’t believe that a girl that came for vigil, will be eyeing a guy during the service…

So I eventually followed my mum for the vigil ,I had planned on sleeping through the program until i noticed that one particular girl had been staring at me for quite a while…. You can call me a fool for what i did next, but Osibobo was the only expert i knew, so i called him.. he encouraged me saying “ah Guy na jackpot you don jam, no yus let this chance waka pass you o”….I thanked him and forged ahead, first, I had to get out of my mum’s side to a more neutral ground, so I excused myself and went outside…I stayed outside waiting for her to come as i had signalled her with a wink; I didn’t know if she got what i meant or even got the signal at all, but i knew i winked at least that counted for something; after waiting for about 10 minutes she emerged from inside the hall….and stayed a few meters away from me…. We weren’t the only ones outside as there were others who also saw the vigil as a bloody waste of time, and since she had not come to me, i stood rooted on that spot not sure that she had come out because of me…I wasn’t a coward neither was I the bravest of hearts, but i was sure I wasn’t letting this opportunity pass me as recalling Osibobo’s encouraging words gave me the confidence I needed.. I moved and walked to her direction until I saw myself standing in front of her…. I introduced and from that point on everything went smooth …I thought we were finally getting there, when my mum called; and ordered me inside ,knowing what my mum was capable of,, I quickly took the girl’s contact number and rushed inside, when I got in, my mum asked me where i have been, and I gave her the OLD CLASSMATE STORY……I smiled at myself having escaped my mother and getting the girl’s number……I decided to sit down and crash through the rest of the programme; when i heard someone shouting, I got up in shock and turned to look at who it was, and lo and behold it was CYNTHIA ,the girl’s number i had just collected……

The priest was in deliverance session, this was the MAIN EVENT of all vigils, as it was this point the priest went around sprinkling holy water, and on pouring holy water in the direction of the girl she had started to DISPLAY,……“the girl na witch?”…….I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was the girl whose number i just took …..She was rolling on the floor shouting, as THE DEMON OR WHATEVER WAS INSIDE her was trying to resist, she soon starts confessing; how she destroys the destinies of every guy that sleeps with her…… “Ye , my God, ozeba” ;I exclaimed for the second time….. “this girl don kill me o” I thought within, as i quickly reached for my phone and deleted her number…. “So na witch i b track” I said to myself, my mind was all over the place, as I couldn’t think straight…“how wish i come lash am nkor?,so na so my future for waka, see wetin Osibobo don cause me again, what of guy wey talk to am sef?”…and upon this realization I stood to my feet and started to pray like never before; my mother turned and looked at me with surprise…but she would never understand, nobody will understand i just toasted a witch.

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