Milton Tutu
Milton Tutu
Certified Life Coach and founder of A Youth with Purpose
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You think you are not self confident?

Let me share a secret with you...

If you read this to the end you'd learn something that will optimize your self confidence..

I shared this yesterday at The Confident Woman training with Alex Mimi here in Port Harcourt...

It might take you a while to understand this secret but if you read through closely and carefully, you'd get it.

Stay with me..

If they've ever told you or you told yourself that you are not self confident then you are either lying to yourself or, somebody lied to you...

How can you say a WHOLE you, is not self confident?

Let me tell you how this works....

Life itself is in different fragments and dimensions. These fragments makes us up as a WHOLE.

What this means is, we have different aspects of ourselves and the collection of each aspect is what makes you you.

When people say that they are not self confident, they take one part of themselves that they are not good at, and use that dysfunctional part of themselves to make a generalization about their self confidence.

Let me explain further...

Humans have a tendency to make deductions from one part of their life that is dysfunctional and make a generalization that every other aspect of their life is dysfunctional. In the long run they say that they are not self confident...

Nkechi is a very smart student, she answers questions in class and she has won several academic awards but when it comes to Public Speaking she is not competent at it...

Does this means that Nkechi as a person isn't self confident?

Not at all, this means that, Nkechi as a person is CONFIDENT but she isn't competent in public speaking so she needs to work on that path of her life.

What about Uzoma?

He is very good at sports but he finds it difficult having the best grades in class.

Does this means that Uzoma is not smart ?

Not at all!

What this means is that Uzoma as a person is smart but he is not competent in academics and he has the ability and human capacity to improve that aspect of his life.

It's high time we stopped evaluating our life based on one dysfunctional and incompetent part of our life.

Your "SELF" is CONFIDENT!...


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