Milton Tutu
Milton Tutu
Certified Life Coach and founder of A Youth with Purpose
Motivational Speakers are all scam. 

Motivational Speakers are all scam! 

This morning I sent a broadcast message to my WhatsApp contacts and this was the reply I got from a 'friend'. 

If she said that to me last year I'd have barked at her but thank God for growth. 

So when this Lady said motivational speakers are scam I just smiled and gave her a calm reply. 

"Well, you are correct but it's depending on who the "Motivational Speaker" is." 

The conversation went on as she said, 

"I heard the whole thing is a scam, I can't remember who said it but I think it's my dad, I am not sure though" 

With my knowledge and study of human behavior I knew she or her dad was generalizing from a bad experience. 

I told her, 

Your dad must have had a bad experience with a particular "Motivational Speaker" and he is probably using that one bad egg to judge the whole crate of eggs. 

It's normal with humans, when we have a bad experience with a particular thing we generalize that any other thing related to that thing is bad. 

For instance, if a Yoruba boy breaks your heart you might end up saying Yoruba boys are heart breakers. 

Or an igbo man cheated on you, your perception towards igbo people will just take a U-turn. 

After all my explanation, she replied. 

Okay, I kinda buy the idea that it's a scam. Not because you guys aren't doing a great job but because no one has completely discovered him or herself. And still makes mistakes, and you know, what works for one will mar the other person. 

How does this relate to motivational speakers as scam? I asked her 

The problem I have with motivational speakers is that they don't color things as it should be. They sell only the easy part, raise people's morals just for them to find out that it's not as easy as presented. At the ending they give up feeling like failures or thinking like they did the wrong thing. 

It sounded like she has had a bad experience with a motivational speaker. 

Have you had an experience with a motivational speaker?, I asked her. 

Not really. 

I mean, have you experienced any of those things you stated above? 

My ex boyfriend was a motivational speaker. 

As she said that I knew where the problem was coming from. 

I aired my views to her and told her that the problem might not necessarily be with motivational speakers but her ex 

She disagreed and said there's nothing I can say on this matter that will change her view. 

I smiled and said, 

No problem then, but if you need a motivational speaker or a Life Coach don't fail to reach out to me. 

That was how that topic ended and we went into some other things. 

Do you know that everything she said was CORRECT based on her PERCEPTION and EXPERIENCE?. 

Her belief system has already ASSOCIATED Motivational Speakers as scams. 

Do you remember that bad experience you had with someone or something? 

I remember When I woke up from a short coma after I fell from a story building the first thing I tasted was the zobo I just vomited, the taste wasn't nice. 

Since then I have associated zobo to the accident I had 9 years ago, not until last year that I broke out of that pattern. 

Don't let a single bad experience ruin your perception of something or someone. 

There's no bad or good experience, everything is just a FEEDBACK because nothing has meaning except the one you give to it.

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