Leeman Suleiman
Philosophy enthusiastic, Amateur poet, inspirational writer and creative soul.
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Mother Nature

We aren't so different I thought...
"My breath is like the winds of heaven,
My mind like the passing clouds,
my blood like the oceans flowing around,
my heart is like the earth,
my smile like blooming flowers, my rage like the stormy seas,
My fear like the earth quake,
My tears like the rain..."

Mother earth, has surely birthed me
I'm I not her son?
though I cannot say from whence it all begun...
Whence she herself came from..

But I know that I live through what she gives
She is ours, this I believe...
...a precious gift we have all received

Maybe this is the reason her beauty brings bliss,
Grasslands and Trees, with varying creatures in her midst
Her whole being is a miracle we seem to miss

But how cruel have we been
Wrecking havoc on our mother,
thinking vainly
"if she dies we will find another"
... "a stranger on the stars shall be our own...
We shall kill our mother and seek out a home
How gracious she has been to leave us alone
Though we hurt her she will never forsake her own

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