Leeman Suleiman
Philosophy enthusiastic, Amateur poet, inspirational writer and creative soul.
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The Bride called Death

The grave and I, were wedded together
Mother earth, kept this a secret
In the vault of her heart..
For I was her son, she loved from the start

The wedding was brief..
No song was sung
Now I must leave to the wife I belong
I now, must leave one home for another,
Though the heart aches
It shall not cry forever,

My attire is simple, a humble white shroud
In shyness I veil even my face from the crowd..
Though I am the groom my name must be changed..
"late" I am called, but I am not proud

On her head is a crown saying "Rest in peace"
I lay down with her, to enjoy the breeze

Once in a while, people come to visit,
Their faces seems overly too rigid
Some faces of gloom,
But none with smiles...
Though we have our moments of silence
they but only last a while...

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