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My Favourite Development Tools: Editor

The core of all programming is code.

Yes, nowadays, there are plenty of Rapid Application Development platforms that make it seem like you don't have to write any code (I'm looking at you, Wix!😠), but if you want to have any sort of fine control over your web applications, you'll have to write code.

This brings me to today's "subjective"(© its_Zade) suggestion.

To write code, you'll need a text editor. While you can use "anything"(as in anything that types, even MS Word), having a great code editor makes the difference between struggling frustration and easy workflow.

For a web developer, there are many great choices. There are powerful IDEs with loads of features( Dreamweaver is a great example) and there are simple text editors (Notepad++ comes to mind).

Especially for beginners, I would recommend something of a middle ground: Sublime Text

Sublime Text offers a simple text editor for the minimalists while allowing you to customise and extend as much as you like(especially via Package Control)

I wouldn't advise a beginner to start with Dreamweaver. The reason is it'll encourage "laziness".

I talked about Rapid Application Development at the beginning of this post.

Rapid Application Development is beyond the scope of this discussion. However, as a quick overview, a development pattern with less emphasis on "how" and more on "what". It favours implementation to planning. While this makes sense for people with plenty of experience, for us beginners, it can incaucate bad habits in us.

Dreamweaver supports RAD with it's GUI builder, but if you don't have prerequisite knowledge, it'll just become a crutch.

With more complicated text editors and IDEs, there's also the problem of resource consumption.

Especially on lower end systems (4GB of RAM or less), these programs will take a lot of memory space and slow down your computer, making it more difficult for you to work while offering little benefits.

In a nutshell, Sublime Text is lightweight, which means faster loading, has great shortcuts (which can be customised) and most of all is used by lots of great programmers(like me😀), so there'll be plenty of support online as well as some pretty cool extensions. Not to mention all the nifty themes(you can change them when you get bored, always helps to reinvigorate me).

So, these are my reasons for using Sublime Text. Share your favourite IDEs and Editors in the contributions. Thanks.

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