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“A boy becomes a man in the same way a seed becomes a tree. The seed has to die for the tree to grow and the boy has to leave for the man to show.” — Me
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The Soundtrack to The Journey

Hello, Everyone. If you've been following my life's story so far( and I mean, who isn't, it's great stuff) you'll know that I've recently graduated. Now that that's done, it's time to take the next big step in my life(no, I'm not getting married, shuu... calm down na.) - The Trip to A Big City!

This is an intimate and sacred journey that every young man must take in order to truly discover himself. The City makes men and also breaks them.

Also, they pay bigger salaries in the city.

So, I'm going to the “Big Apple of West Africa”, trading the “Ancient City of Bronze”(where my curfew is 6:00 PM) for the “City that never Sleeps”. I am going to Lagos.

As much as I've learnt and learnt to love in Benin, I am certainly excited to be heading to Lagos, so having packed my bags, there is one other ingredient necessary to make my sojourn across the great Benin-Ore-Lagos road successful.

This all-important item is Music.

I'm going by road, Flights are expensive oh - I should really look into getting rich, and those trips can get long and boring, so I'll have a trusty companion in my earphones and playlist.

Putting up a playlist of all the songs I'll listen to on the 3-6 hour journey will probably be more than you're willing to read anyway, so here's a list of 5 songs I'll definitely jam to enroute Eko.

1. Brymo - Eko

The first song on this prestigous list for me, is Brymo's Eko. Although I haven't really followed him closely since he left Chocolate City, this track still caught my ear drums.
He starts of with the pledge of everyone heading to the big city:

I go go Lagos
I go get money
I go change my life

And then goes on to tell us that, yes, Lagos is in fact a girl (a fine one at that) who he is chyking, but aren't we all?

No let me go
Your love e sweet me so
Love you, never let you go

He goes on to describe her. She's what my grandfather would have called a black beauty.

I know Lagos
She be fine baby
She dark and lovely
Nwa sisi

2. Jon Ogah ft. Adekunle Gold and Simi - Uncle Suru

Although, I heard this song just a few days ago (Thanks, Timothy!), it's already stuck in my head. For the record I love Simi (How many retweets for you to marry me?), and her voice on this track makes me think Oga, this is Gold!.

So, essentially, we're telling our uncle that we're coming to Lagos and we want to blow. It's certainly going to help fire us up for when we arrive.

Uncle Suru, I’m off to Surulere
They say if I meet 2Face
I’m gonna become a big star
I’m gonna become a big star
Uncle Suru, they say that I’m day dreaming
Musician life e no easy
I wanna become a big star
I wanna become a big star

I'm not even going to Surulere sef, but who cares?! “Uncle Suru!”

3. Johnny Drille - Wait For Me

This song sounds a little selfish to me. I mean, how can I realistically be asking someone to just be waiting for me while I go and see the world?
But, it does express what I'm feeling almost perfectly. I'll be back. I promise.

I dunno when I'm coming back
I'll be gone for a little while
But I will keep myself for me and you
I'll be back for you
I dunno what the future brings
But I want you to be with me
I go dey hope and pray say make you wait for me
Cos I'll come back for you

Johnny's magic sha.

4. MI Abaga - Hustle

One of my biggest challenges in writing this was struggling against making the whole list MI Abaga. Mr. Incredible has that much of a hold on me. Anyways, this joint is from waaaaaay back in the day, all the way from MI's first project, Talk About It and it's also probably the song that made me friends with one of my realest Gee's. In the song, he talks about the Hustle. The all powerful magic elixir that can turn your life around in seconds. The grind, the struggle and he gives a few words of encouragement, you know, reminding of where we're headed and the people counting on us back home.

Never forget the place where you're from
If you don't ever come back home, what good have you done?
But while you're there, run for us, run

Don't worry people at home, I'll be Usain Bolt out there!

5. Timi Dakolo - Wish Me Well

In summation, I guess. I know this is one of the songs you've been expecting since the start of the list (along with Darey's Pray For Me) and I know it's obvious, but I couldn't resist. So, essentially, goodbye to everybody and everything. Y'all made this town great for me, until we meet again.

I've got no money
Just hopes and dreams
I'm gonna find my destiny
I heard about life
Life in the city
That's where all dreams come true
I'm gonna work hard
In the city
So wish me well
Wish me well

Aaaaaand it's a wrap... oh, no wait... there's one more

6. Vector - Intro 1974

This song! Only a few people will understand. Although my name is not Olarenwaju and Vector tha Viper is not my father, there's just something about the sage words of advice that King Kong gives on the opening verse of this song.

Olarenwaju, 'Lanrewaju
What you doing son
Olarenwaju, why you following these people son?
You came to change the game don't let the game change you
You're perfect how you run it
Do not let them rearrange you

That wasn't all oh. He then proceeded to use a parable about white rice to discuss human nature and how people like to give unnecessary advice.

Receive the virtues of their advice
But watch closely 'cos soon them go add vice
They'll try to tell you what is wrong isn't right
They'll even try to tell you boiled rice will eventually turn white

Of course boiled rice will turn white. Saying that doesn't really make you a genius, genius.

Anyways, here it is, a short list of what I'll definitely play on the way to Lagos.

I wonder what other people would play.

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