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My Favourite Development Tools: Language

Hello. Here, as promised, is the first post in my Web Development series.

I'm just going to talk about my favourite tools when ever I'm doing a job or even just playing around.

To start with, I'll talk about my favourite development language.

It's PHP.

I like PHP because of it's flexibility. You can write code to whatever specification you like.
Procedural? Piece of cake!
Functional? Born for it!
Object Oriented? Fits like a glove!
(Of course, PHP wasn't originally made with the Object Oriented Paradigm in mind, so the "." operator means something else. But the fact that it could be added without breaking the rest of the language goes to show PHP's flexibility).

Another reason PHP is my language of choice is The Laravel Framework. Awesome stuff, but that's a discussion for another day.

So, I can practically hear somebody ask what about HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language browsers speak. So whatever back end (server side) language you write in (PHP, C++, Python, Ruby) eventually renders HTML. So, on principle, you have to know HTML before writing anything else. It's foundational. It's everybody's favourite.

Aiit. This post is getting too long. Let me end here. Next up, Text Editors

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