Etin Obaseki
“A boy becomes a man in the same way a seed becomes a tree. The seed has to die for the tree to grow and the boy has to leave for the man to show.” — Me
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My Dearest Baker

My Dearest Baker,
You've been there in some of the sweetest moments of my life (you even baked a lot of them). You've stuck with me even when I was like dough that didn't set (I'm probably not using the baking terms well, but you get my drift), been a confidante, gist partner and fellow nerd (well, not really, but that's the best human word I can use to describe our obviously superior species).

I've watched you grow from almost tomboy in secondary school into a confident woman.
I'm sorry I missed the actual birthday, but you know you have my best wishes always.
Besides, it's always the right time to celebrate people who are important in your life.
So, Olohitare, my dearest baker, gist partner and friend, I wish you a happy birthday.

The One who baked the Universe will be there,
in control until your life's cake is fully baked, and he'll ice it too.

P.S, it just occurred to be that I actually don't know what your favourite cake is.

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