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“A boy becomes a man in the same way a seed becomes a tree. The seed has to die for the tree to grow and the boy has to leave for the man to show.” — Me
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#LoveIs The Best Idea

I've got an idea.

I usually have those a lot.

Mostly good ones, but some of them terrible.

This idea though, is in the former category. In fact, I think it's my best idea yet.😊

Yes, there have been some times I thought I'd gotten my "Best Idea Yet™" only for it to backfire and I'll realise it was "Yet Another Bad Idea™".😩

The Plantain Chips Incident of '12 readily comes to mind, but that's a story for another month😉.

So, anyway, my latest Best Idea Yet™ is To Fall in Love.

I've heard that it's the best feeling ever, kinda like ice cream on a sunny day. I've also heard that it's really terrible, like getting your heart ripped out and stomped on and set on fire, simultaneously.

Well, I'm taking the plunge and hoping for ice cream instead of being burned at the stake.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Photo Credit: Odion Tobi

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