Etin Obaseki
“A boy becomes a man in the same way a seed becomes a tree. The seed has to die for the tree to grow and the boy has to leave for the man to show.” — Me
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Good Morning, '17

Hello, 2017.
It's nice to meet you.
My name's Etin.

You seem familiar, like an old friend.

Maybe it's because you're a graduation year.

A year I've been waiting for ever since my freshman year.

A little impatient of me, I know, but to quote my current favourite rapper, Poe, "When the Lord was handing out virtues, what he did with my patience, I don't know".

Graduation years bring with them a certain uncertainty. After all we're about to leave familiar and comfortable routines and be thrust into the chaos and unfamiliarity of a new world.

When I was in JSS 3, I told my classmates that going to SS1 seemed a lot like we had climbed to the top of a mountain and someone had told us we had to come down and climb a completely different mountain.

Perhaps, that's what Life is all about.

On the other hand, it's kinda like respawning in a video game.

A clean slate.

A brand new set of opportunities.

And of course, more boss battles.

Anyway, goodbye 2016, it's been real 🙋✌.

Welcome to my Life, 2017.
I've been expecting you.
Let's do this.

Happy New Year.

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